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Back Roads Northern & Central Italy

Back Roads Northern & Central Italy

Scenic routes, charming hotels, authentic regional cuisine… Take a journey through the back roads of northern and central Italy to discover the area`s real soul and charm. DK Eyewitness "Back Roads Northern & Central Italy" driving vacation guide will take you via scenic routes to discover charming Italian villages, local restaurants, and intimate places to stay. Twenty-five themed drives, each lasting one to five days, reveal breathtaking views, hidden gems, and authentic local experiences that can only be discovered by road. Each tour is bursting with insider knowledge and loaded with ideas for varied activities, from short walks and longer hikes to days at a spa, wine tours, cycling trips, swimming in secluded Italian lakes, and more. Meanwhile, the most friendly, best-value hotels and guesthouses and charming restaurants specializing in regional produce have been selected by expert authors. Full-color throughout, with a pull-out map of the entire country for easy navigation between tours, and even zip code information for use with a GPS device, discover the unexpected on your driving vacation with DK Eyewitness "Back Roads Northern & Central Italy". Размер карты: 53 см х 40 см.

  • Вес : 570 г

  • Ширина упаковки : 150 мм

  • Высота упаковки : 15 мм

  • Глубина упаковки : 225 мм

  • Тип обложки (Переплет) : Обложка с клапанами 

  • Количество страниц : 264 

  • Формат издания : 150x225 

  • Год выпуска : 2015 

  • ISBN : 978-1-4093-6950-9 

  • Тип издания : Отдельное издание 

  • Язык издания : Английский 

  • Серия : Eyewitness Travel 

  • Иллюстратор : Arun Pottirayil 

  • Издательство : Дорлинг Киндерсли 

  • Автор : Gillian Arthur,Kate Hughes,Gillian Price,Lucy Ratcliffe,Christine Webb,Marius Webb,Селия Вулфри