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The importance of perceptual-cognitive skills in soccer

The importance of perceptual-cognitive skills in soccer

The soccer player has to have the ability to read the opponents’ intentions and perform the correct technique to achieve the main purposes of the game. Nowadays, it is consensual that many elements of the perceptual-cognitive skills, decision-making and motor skill execution support and influence the superior sport performance. This book which is based on a research study aimed to review the perceptual-cognitive skills underpinning the superior performance in soccer; to develop simulated representative attacking sequences for research on perceptual-cognitive skill in soccer; to examine the effects of prolonged intermittent exercise on the perceptual and cognitive processes underpinning anticipation in soccer players with different competitive levels; and to study the contribution of perceptual and cognitive processes in anticipation performance of soccer players under low- and high-intensity exercise demands. This book will be specially useful to coaches, and to sport researches, specially in soccer.

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