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Монография примыкает к серии работ разных авторов, освещающих освоение русской поэзией XIX-ХХ веков новых для жизни тогдашнего общества реалий и явлений -телеграфа, кинематографа, телефона, радио. В ней впервые прослеживается эволюция футбольной темы в отечественной поэзии 1910-1950-х годов - все ее

Автор: Михаил Свердлов, Олег Лекманов, Алсу Акмальдинова,

Почему на самом деле, имея многомиллионное предложение от "Баварии", на тот момент лучший футболист России остался в "Спартаке", да еще с зарплатой 10.000 долларов в месяц? Как родной клуб подставил своего символа и сделал его изгоем для большого футбола на целый год? Какой уникальный подарок в де

Автор: Егор Титов, А. Н. Зинин,

Вне всяких сомнений, футбол - вид спорта номер один в мире. Это подтверждают цифры: телетрансляции матчей чемпионата мира 2006 года смотрели миллиарды зрителей! Почему же этот вид спорта так необычайно притягателен? Конечно, зрителей привлекают великие команды, чьи победы в крупнейших турнирах вошли

Автор: Александр Волков,П. Андрианов,Владимир Линдер,

23 Sweet FAs records Andy`s adventure through Europe, Russia, Iran, India, the Himalayas and the Far East. He encountered a warm welcome from the president of FIFA, witnessed the titanic clash of Iran v Iraq, took tea in the home of the Dalai Lama, survived tragedy on Mount Everest and celebrated tr

The football world is a natural area for sponsorship as it carries very strong images, has a mass international audience, and appeals to all classes (Ferrand & Pages, 1996). The football industry has therefore become a multi-million dollar industry. Football brands have emerged as global brands with

Footballing legend Tommy Smith played with Liverpool for eighteen years from 1960 to 1978. During this time he won almost every honour club football has to offer - 4 First Division Championship medals, 2 FA Cup winners medals, 2 European Cups, 2 UEFA Cups, 1 European Super Cup and 5 Charity Shields.

A terrific football treble from the master of soccer fiction: THE BIG GAME Keen young footballer Andrew Weston is sure that his skills in defence will help the school team win every match. Until he discovers who their first opponents are... THE BIG MATCH A dream comes true for Chris Weston when he

At last! The award-winning Baker & Kelly bring you the most entertaining, radical and unreliable football book ever published. The Two Dannys argue the toss, spill the beans and chew that fat about everything and anything from the biggest questions down to stuff they have frankly invented themselve

Quarterback is the most important position on the football field and without an athlete who possesses a complete quarterback skill set, most offenses are doomed to failure! Through the innovative techniques, strategies, and coaching approaches discussed in this comprehensive instructional coaching

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers of all time, a dream he pursued from the age of just twelve when he left his humble origins on Madeira behind.It wasn`t long before he had the biggest clubs in Europe knocking on his door, but it was Manchester United who won the race for his sign

Messi, Ronaldo, Gotze und Marta, Ubersteiger, Cross-Kick, Sohlentrick - die weltbesten Fufiballer und Fufiballerinnen verzaubern die Fans durch ihre verbluf-fenden Tricks. Dieses Buch portratiert die Stars des Weltfussballs und prasentiert die wichtigsten Techniken. 30 Tricks werden Schritt fur Schr

Book DescriptionAt the age of thirty, Bob Cowser, Jr., is leading a happy life as a husband, father, and English professor in upstate New York. But he misses the exhilaration he felt as a young man when he took the field for high school football games. In what is every Monday morning quarterback`s f

Barcelona and Real Madrid: two of the most powerful and popular clubs in world football, and one of the world`s most bitter sporting rivalries. Going far beyond the boundaries of just sport alone, this is a rivalry at the heart of Spanish life, taking in politics and culture and splitting a country

Between 20 and 30 million people play fantasy football each year. Now, "Fantasy Football The Next Level: How to Build a Championship Team Every Season" goes beyond stats and projections to teach readers a proven approach to drafting and managing a team that succeeds - in any league. Dorey`s wealth o