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Effects of Dynamic & PNF Stretching on Power & Endurance Athletes

Effects of Dynamic & PNF Stretching on Power & Endurance Athletes

This book is about the effects of Dynamic and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching on various performance variables like aerobic capacity, anaerobic power, peak speed, agility, vertical jump performance, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance of endurance and power athletes. This book will be helpful in preparing or modifying the existing training schedules for power and endurance athletes. The data regarding effects of different types of stretching on performance variables will help the coaches and sports physicians to regulate the training programme for elite athletes according to the type of sports they are participating in. It throws light on the daily warm up routine which can help to gain optimal performance needed during sports competitions. The athletes participating in trianthlon may be at benefit by increasing their speed and aerobic capacity and the athletes participating in power activities like weight lifting, power lifting will be benefitted by increasing their anaerobic power and muscular endurance by using correct stretching technique. This book will contribute to the better performance of athletes.

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  • Год выпуска : 2014 

  • Автор на обложке : Manharleen Kaur 

  • ISBN : 9783659554551 

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  • Издательство : LAP Lambert Academic Publishing