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Другие виды спорта. Спортивный туризм. Альпинизм

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Книга посвящена ездовым собакам и гонкам на собачьих упряжках – экстремальному виду спорта, чрезвычайно популярному как на российском Севере, так и в США, Канаде и Европе. Авторы рассказывают об истории разведения ездовых пород в России, особенностях содержания собак, о проведении гонок. Тема ездово

Следуйте представленным в этой книге программам, рассчитанным на 7 недель, и вы быстро разовьете силу и выносливость, необходимые для того, чтобы пробежать дистанцию 10 километров, показав лучший результат, чем вы прежде думали. Для широкого круга читателей.

Автор: Бретт Стюарт,

"100 Baseball Icons" presents the treasures of the most famous repository of baseball memorabilia in the world, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. Given access to the Hall`s vast archives, award-winning photographer and lifelong baseball aficionado Terry Hefferna

Эта книга имеет целью оказать помощь начинающим борцам вольного стиля, тренерам в массовом развитии этого вида спорта, в выполнении разрядных нормативов Единой спортивной классификации. Содержание учебно-тренировочной работы на первый год обучения раскрыто в 100 уроках. Популярное изложение и об

Автор: П. Ф. Матущак,

First modern English-language coaching guide to this dynamic and exciting Olympic sport of handball.

The rugby union has undergone immense change in the past two decades - introducing a World Cup, accepting professionalism, and creating a global market in players. This resource covers all of the great matches, teams, and players while also placing them in the context of the social, political, and e

Marc Sluszny, the freewheeling adventurer who has done it all, through air, earth, water and fire. He holds the world record in bungee jumping from a hot-air balloon. Is a former skysurfing champion and a BASE jumper. Swam across the English Channel solo and climbed the Annapurna without the aid o

BA. KU. resembles a religious cult and is likewise intricate and timeless. The skaters` ages range from early twenties, to mid-forties, with members spread around the world and meet up in Vancouver, (or wherever there is a proper barrier) when it comes time to collect footage for a video/film. Thoug

Completing one hundred miles by bike is a timeless challenge. Ever since the invention of a pedal- powered, two-wheel vehicle, 100 miles has been the benchmark by which cyclists can measure their prowess. Best 100-Mile Bike Routes is the ultimate guide to a hundred 100-mile rides grouped in geograph

The essential practical guide to setting up your bike to maximise performance and avoid injury, written by renowned Lead Physiotherapist at British Cycling, and Consultant to Team Sky, Phil Burt. Foreword by Sir Chris Hoy and introduction by Chris Boardma.

Trade secrets and tricks of the trade from leading bike mechanics, alongside captivating insights into the life of the professional bike mechanic.

Book DescriptionMedia visionary and business titan Michael D. Eisner presents a candid look back at one of the most formative experiences of his life-the time he spent at summer camp. For the millions who enjoyed childhood summers spent away from home atcamp, those moments are recalled with everythi

This is a one-stop guide for any aspiring runner, from the first step to the first marathon. Joining the 2 million runners in the UK (guardian.co.uk). The Complete Running and Marathon Book has everything you need to know, from choosing the right footwear to eating right and warming up. Or running a